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    White Glove

Unconventional Freight that is not boxed, not crated or palletized, No dock or limited space locations can represent  Expensive challenges even for seasoned Logistics professionals. Need only a small Van or Straight Truck, no worries!  Inside Pick up and Delivery and packaging service, we have that too. Not all truckers are outfitted for these jobs and may charge very High Prices and take a :shot at it."  SLC has a proven track record selecting Qualified carries or "Blending" Final Mile carriers with Standard Transit Trucking for the middle portion. This strategy combining the Best of both worlds helps your meet rising customer demand, handle your freight properly, reduce costs and leave a lasting impression with your customers.

The SLC Nationwide Difference

for White Glove

  • Office Buildings, Malls, Retail Stores, Warehouse Offices
  • Packaging, Crating, palletizing
  • POS Equipment, mainframe & server racks, etc
  • SLC has built and carefully selected a dependable network of carriers
  • SLC is Fully insured with contingent cargo and liability
  • Shippers interest Policy Primary Cargo coverage available
  • Always FREE Consultations

Looking for help, information or sound advice?  Just ask!
With over 25 years of Experience Managing Projects
Over a hundred thousand shipments
All we have learned, our Technologies and Insights
We give it all to you, always for Free.

Because your business always comes first - Always.

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