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    LTL Freight

One of the biggest problems we see are Re-classifications and other factors that cause your LTL rates to spike. SLC solves that issue for most cases and most clients.  We are Certified Partners with Bluegrace Logistics, providing the technologies, carrier relationships and hundreds in millions in purchasing advantages to transform your network into a Least Cost, Best Carrier, ship and track platform. This platform coupled with the SLC’s renown customer service “Cradle to grave” follow ups and a rigorous pre- and post-audit makes us a far better choice compared to most other “click and ship” portals.

The SLC Nationwide Difference

for LTL

  • Competitive rates pre-negotiated with no volume commitments
  • Get all LTL quotes, status and tracking to consolidate information in a single place, 24/7 access
  • Print or email your BOL instantly, no waiting
  • We provide an embedded carrier audit with preemptive strategies to avoid re-rates and minimize disputes
  • Absolute best carrier network in the industry and cooperative carrier relationships
  • Platinum Desk outsourced supply chain integrations
  • Peak demand support

Looking for help, information or sound advice?  Just ask!
With over 25 years of Experience managing Projects
Over a hundred thousand shipments
All we have learned, our Technologies and Insights
We give it all to you, always for Free.

Because your business always comes first - Always.

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