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Experience makes a huge difference!  Our carefully selected team has an average career in Logistics of 15 years.  That takes the saying "Been there, done that" to a whole new level.

Trust & Confidence - Single shipments to project management, small companies to Fortune 100 Corporations trust SLC to get the job done right.  We bring supply chain experience, reliable services, and business intelligence to help you make informed decisions and remain competitive.


Leverage  -  Scalable value chain, pricing economies, extensive carrier network, data analysis, digital freight platform, automated route and optimization –


"Helping to make you more profitable with us, than without us."



You are the hero of this story! But even a hero needs support sometimes.  We have the experience, the people and a dependable supply chain network

working towards your plan for success and profitability.

About Us

SLC Nationwide was founded in 1997 to bring pricing advantages, Technologies and efficiencies as an outsourced service.  Even for companies who normally keep functions "in-house" we have proven that outsourcing segments of their supply chain will Cost Less AND they retain complete control.

We are Licensed, bonded and fully insured to meet FMCSA Federal Regulations...

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