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    Freight Management

Do you have the resources to Manage your own Supply or Delivery Chain, coordinate with every trading partner, every driver and communicate proactively with every client?  This is what we do! SLC brings you Turn-Key efficient Freight Management Technologies, Processes and People to make your logistics work better, lane by lane on a per shipment Fee basis. You only pay for what you need.  We promote your brand of excellence with our "Personal Touch" to improve the logistics process and assure consistent communication to all stakeholders.  Everything revolves around "Preferred Status" and maintaining market confidence in your product and services and reduce the frictions that can impede business and sales.

The SLC Nationwide Difference

for Freight Management

  • Pay only for what you need.  Flat Fee per shipment or per Lane
  • Complete Transparency of Carrier Costs
  • Continuous Updating Dashboard & Reports
  • Our Supply chain Consultants work with you to build a strategy that yields the best results in cost savings
  • We can organize and execute a Needs Assessment, RFP Process and Negotiations
  • Turn-Key logistics platform and scale-able infrastructure
  • Large Volume Buying Economies of Scale
  • Benchmark your savings
  • Reliable Communication between all stakeholders

Looking for help, information or sound advice?  Just ask!
With over 25 years of Experience managing Projects
Over a hundred thousand shipments
All we have learned, our Technologies and Insights
We give it all to you, always for Free.

Because your business always comes first - Always.

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