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Mckesson Medical Surgical Case Study

The Director of Transportation at McKesson had an existing fleet of straight trucks and 50-60 drivers to manage.  During construction of a new warehouse, they required 6-8 Truckloads each night to arrive at warehouses in NY and NJ Metro markets, to be sorted for Courier delivery early the next morning.   This was mission critical for next day deliver of medical supplies.  Arrival times must be within a 45 minute window with a near zero failure rate.  After 5pm each day, if pallet counts exceeded capacity, would order additional trucks.  With careful planning and skillful management, the Director of Transportation mapped the project and created a SOP.  He also included SLC in internal meetings to become familiar with his team and night crew.  With the driver shortage peaking, needed multiple carriers, spot capacity, 24/7 visibility and after hours dispatch with intimate knowledge of each and every driver assigned that night.  That person would the CEO of SLC Nationwide.  We worked alongside McKesson vetting and for final selection of carriers.  Our responsibility was to train all the drivers and carrier dispatchers to understand and implement the SOP.  The project was not without its challenges, but within a short time, ironed out the kinks and performed to the clients satisfaction.  The project entailed nearly 5,000 truckload shipments over several years.  


—  2015 to 2019

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