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Our Mission Statement begins with You

Be helpful and and beneficial to each client. Leverage the crucial lessons learned over a hundred thousand shipments and collaborating with hundreds of large and small companies around the world.  Share the value of these experiences and the accumulated knowledge and a professional network of the industries best and brightest.  Provide sound advice and proven concepts to conserve resources, function better and at lower cost.


Guide the client to a more profitable place first, and business will follow.

This was the original mission statement from 1997 the year SLC was formed and hasn't changed.

Our Philosophy & Culture

(and a little humor)

Focus on helping the client, guide them to a better place first and foremost.  Help them conserve resources, leverage pricing advantages, guide them to target inefficiencies and replace labor intensive processes. Coach SLC team members to be attentive to detail before there is a problem and proactively communicate to all stakeholders so they may adjust as needed.


Very importantly, remember the client has a reputation to maintain. It is our job to leave a lasting and positive impression with every touch point, every pick up and delivery, every phone call and email.

Treat every truck driver and all our suppliers with respect and dignity.  They are our collaborative business partners, the bedrock of our service and support to our clients. Guide them to adapt industries best practices and help them be best-in-class and exceed expectations.  Pay them on-time, every time.  Help them in their job with accurate information, transparency and leverage our experiences to avoid disruptions before they become an issue.


A final personal note, Mike and Chris remain close friends and like to proclaim they "beat the odds" with their partnership since 1995.  They live by these words of wisdom, "Always focus the client first, your employees second, the business and suppliers third, and the partnership last.  When the partnership is last, rarely will find time and energy to stay mad at your partner."  In general they attribute their success in business and life to a strong belief in hard work, honesty, loyalty and a willingness to learn from a mistake and compromise.  That and love what you do, maintain an unwavering sense of humor for when "all else fails" and hiring a team who are passionate in their work and committed to your success.

Our History

Mike and Chris met at university in the late 80's as business majors. While on campus they delivered pizzas then moved on to bar tending.  After graduating with BS in Business Economics, they would go on to professional careers in industries such as waste management, copier sales, truck tire sales, private label marketing and managing a national dealer program.  They have been fiends since and love to mention, they and their wives all graduated from the same University and have been married over 28 years!

In 1995, they both took a position with a 3PL, but could see the industry was rapidly evolving with new technologies emerging in the mid 90's that would revolutionize the industry.  Mike and Chris genuinely wanted to help their clients, not just sell them a freight rate and believe it would be these technologies that would bring the greatest value. This simple vision became the impetus along with a strong entrepreneurial spirit to begin planning for SLC Nationwide.


By 1997 had raised enough capital to follow their dreams and launch SLC Nationwide, a Federally licensed, bonded and insured, non-asset Freight Transportation & Logistics Management company. From scratch began building a business genuinely centered around the clients needs, not the other way around.  This philosophy along with continuing investment, building proprietary technologies and leveraging pricing advantages would help them attract more clients and bigger contracts.  From these modest self-taught beginnings, grew a successful and competitive business and a team of genuinely honest, upbeat, passionate and dedicated people who make SLC all it is today.

While much has changed with acquisitions, people and always improving technologies, Mike and Chris have never strayed away from their original mission statement... Be genuinely helpful and prove beneficial to each client. Help each client with information and sound advice based on experience and a professional network of the industries best and brightest.  Guide them to a better place first and business will follow.

***Covid Message - As of Aug 2020 we are proud to have retained all 18 incredibly talented and committed team members.  To continue services uninterrupted, are sacrificing space working remotely in their homes  using cloud technologies and infrastructures implemented years ago.  They goal then was to be 100% functional from any location, during any situation such as a snow storm, a power outage... or a Pandemic.  (Who knew...?!)

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