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S  - Specific
M - Measurable
A  - Achievable
R  - Relevant
- Time-bound

SLC - SMART Logistics Concepts, powered by a World-class Asset-based provider of Global Logistics, Forwarding, Licensed Customs Brokerage, warehousing... known for friction free business processes and maximum savings.

Partnerships - Asset based Partnerships connects you directly to the provider. Concierge logistics support and intricate collaboration between all stakeholders and business partners.

Trust & Confidence -  A Time-honored tradition of prioritizing your business and your goals.. Trustworthy communication and transparency, we are accountable to you and focus relentlessly on your best interest.


Leverage  -  Digital freight platform, pricing economies, extensive carrier network, business intelligence, data analysis, scalable solutions, automation – modern solutions combined with a personal touch.


"Helping to make you more profitable with us, than without us."

About Us

Founded in 1997 SMART Logistics (SLC Nationwide, Inc) began its operations with one vision - to bring a reliable , flexible and affordable service to our clients. That vision has enabled us to grow not just locally, but globally.

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