Pricing Advantages

Our Fantastic Customer Service does not end with you...

it extends all the way to your Customers and Suppliers!

Combined with Competitive Pricing and Consistent, Reliable Supply Chain Services

is our commitment to your business.

Leveraging our pricing advantages, move your shipments efficiently and reliably, be helpful and beneficial to you and all your customers and suppliers - we lower your Total Cost of Shipping.

Helping to make you more profitable with us, than without us.

About Us

SLC Nationwide was founded in 1997 to bring pricing advantages, Technologies and efficiencies as an outsourced service.  Even for companies who normally keep functions "in-house" we have proven that outsourcing segments of their supply chain will Cost Less AND they retain complete control.

We are Licensed, bonded and fully insured to meet FMCSA Federal Regulations...



You are the hero of this story! But even a hero needs support sometimes.  We have the experience, the people and a dependable supply chain network

working towards your plan for success and profitability.

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